The Izhevsk Heating Equipment Factory

Izhevsk Heating Equipment Factory is the leader in Russian heating equipment market. Our company produces modern and high quality products. Every year our designers create new more sophisticated and technologically advanced models of equipment.

Launching of new products, development of new distribution channels, increasing production volumes are the key to the company success for many years ahead.


Contract Manufacture

The development feature of our enterprise is the contract manufacturing, i.e production under the customer’s brand name.

We focus on market and products research, constructional design, manufacture, supply and service of heating equipment.

Our company does not have a developed system of trading house, because our clients are large, professional wholesale companies on the climate and tool market...


The main goal of the services is the increasing the customers’ satisfaction with the quality and the efficiency of service.

IZTT develops the network of service centers in Russia. For today the service centers work in more than 120 cities.

To maintain a high level of customer services, IZTT systematically trains the specialists of the service centers, carries out the authorization of the service centers, provides documentation for repair and maintenance.